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The Contracts & Purchasing Department (C&P) is responsible for maximizing the value of shareholder funds and maintaining a procurement system of transparency, objectivity and integrity for the acquisition of goods, works and services in support of the operations of LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc. (LIUW) and its assets.

C&P is the entity within LIUW authorized to issue Invitations to Tender, Requests for Quotations and perform market studies to ensure best value for the shareholder.  Our competitive bidding process is condcuted in accordance internal and external regulations.  It is not only our policy but an obligation to our shareholders to encourage the business and contractor community to participate in the various bidding processes offered.

To accomplish this obligation, C&P maintains a Vendor Database which is referenced by FPAL code and it is utilized to develop our initial Vendor List for Tenders.  If your firm wishes to become a qualified vendor listed in our Vendor Database, please submit an email request to

C&P utilizes the Tender process for the majority of our goods, works and services in order to obtain the best value for our shareholders.  As such, when a Tender is approved by our Tender Board, we issue an advertisement in the local newspaper for the region in which we will be working in an effort to ensure all qualified vendors may submit Tender documents.

C&P issues all open contracts and purchase orders for the acquisition of goods, works and services in accordance with Tender Board/Tender Committee authorization.  We are also responsible for providing internal contract administration guidance as well as assistance with responsible disposal of all surplus property and equipment.

  • Information on tenders, held within the competence of LUKOIL International Services B.V., can be found at LUKOIL International Tenders page.


Information about all our actual tenders is published in ''Tenders'' section.

Actual Tenders

Contract & Procurement Department

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