LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc.
LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc.


Drilling in offshore deep-water environments presents significant challenges, including environmental protection, stakeholder engagement, local and international legislative requirements and other factors too numerous to list here.

Since 2012, LUKOIL has explored in Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, (Gulf of Guinea) Sierra Leone (Atlantic Ocean) and the Romanian Black Sea as an Operator.  LUKOIL is also a partner in Operated by Others (OBO) projects in Norway, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.

Every country has its set of individual challenges.  Some countries have poorly developed environmental legislation and harsh socio-economic conditions while other countries such as Romania have very strict and rigid regulations, intergovernmental conventions and regulating procedures.  In addition, to all this, LUKOIL is required to complay with all international treaties, conventions and protocols.

Entry into new project areas require close communication with country environmental agencies and various ministries. This communication is required to develop a thorough understanding of the requirements and compliance issues. With this knowledge, LUKOIL operates utilizing environmentally sound systems and protect the environment. 

An environmental impact study is required in all countries where Region 2 operates.  Region 2 develops these studies and subsequently implements a country specific environmental management system and monitoring program designed to reduce or eliminate any impact to the environment identified. 

Other environmental protective measures may include liquid discharge limits, mammal and migratory bird observations, air emissions monitoring, etc. Region 2 complies with these measures in all areas of operation. In the abovementioned countries, Region 2 has successfully complied with all facets of these studies.

Operating in the offshore environment requires optimum operating standards to protect the environment. 

To ensure ongoing continual improvement Region 2 conducts regular audits, workshops and presentation for the employees to support and increase the level of environmental awareness.