LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc.
LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc.


In 2011, LUKOIL became the first Russian company to receive the qualification admission to work on the continental shelf of Norway, in his capacity as operator. In 2012, the company was established in Oslo, and in 2013 a 22-ND license round, conducted by the Ministry of petroleum and energy of Norway, LUKOIL has become party to the joint ventures on two licensed sites in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea-PL and PL 719 708.

Currently LUKOIL participates in round 23 of the offshore areas of South-Eastern part of the Barents Sea. Licenses will be available on 57 blocks in previously unexplored areas, while 3 are block in the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea is 54. Many are open to licensing units are in the so-called former "grey zone" Barents Sea-territory where Norway and Russia had previously led to the dispute. This will be the first since 1994 the new territory, which Norway opened for exploration. LUKOIL as part of this round applied for multiple licenses. In round 23, the company is interested in getting operators in awarded licenses. Announcing the winners of the round will be held until June 2016 onwards.

PL 708 license area total area of more than 500 to m2 includes two blocks of 7130/4 and 7130/7, located in the basin of Finnmark in the North-East of Norway. Water depth within blocks ranges from 280 to 350 m. The project’s owners are: Swedish Lundin Norway-40% (operator), LUKOIL i20%, Italian Edison-20%, Norwegian Pure Energy-10% and British Petroleum-10% Lime.

Broadband processing and interpretation of 3D seismic and environmental studies of the bottom of the sea were conducted. The first well was drilled at the end of 2015.

PL 719 license area covering about 600 to m2 includes two blocks of 7321/7321/9 and 8, located in the basin of Fingerd'jupe in the Western Barents sea water depth within blocks ranges from 430 to 490 m. The project’s owners are: English Centrica-50% (operator), LUKOIL-30%, Norwegian North Energy-20%.

On PL 719 held 3D seismic processing and interpretation, biostratigraphycal research, analysis of petroliferous systems and conduction of faults. Is currently preparing a decision on selecting priority object for drilling exploration wells.

PL 858 covers an area of about 1400 square kilometers and includes seven blocks (7234/3,6,7325/1,2,3,4,5) situated along the Norwegian-Russian border on Fedynsky's arch in the Barents Sea. 

The sea depth within the blocks average 250 meters. The interests in the project are as follows: Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA (40%, Operator), LUKOIL (20%), Petoro AS (20%), Statoil Petroleum AS (20%).